Prometheus Beta-QR - An Item I carry every day

Before I invested in a portable flashlight as an Everyday Carry (EDC) item, I always used the inbuilt flashlight on my smartphone. Although a smartphone's flashlight is super convenient (as you carry them around every day), I feel that the routine of retrieving your phone to unlock and access the flashlight app is a too slow and inconvenient.

Thus, the new flashlight I am looking for must satisfy a few important criteria:

  1. It must be small and portable enough to carry it easily everywhere.
  2. It must be easily retrievable for fast access.
  3. It must use only standard size battery (AA or AAA).

It took me a long time to search for a flashlight that fulfils all these criteria, but the Prometheus Beta-QR does it exceptionally well.

The various Prometheus Beta-QR I owned

This new investment has proven to be really useful and practical in my everyday life as I have used it to study small items (e.g. circuit boards) or look for stuff in a dark area. In a short two and a half years time frame, I have purchased both the Beta QRv1 and QRv2 just for the fact that it really suited my requirements. Many of my friends have joked on the importance I have placed on this small inconspicuous flashlight but then again, they realised its value when I was able to access the flashlight a lot quicker than their inbuilt torchlight apps in their smartphone.

The Beta-QR is bright enough (mode 2: 60 lumens) when you need to look at something far, and dim enough (mode 1: 15 lumens) for close up observation to prevent light glare (over exposure) on any small details. This is a lot more versatile as compared to the flashlights in smartphones.

Although there are many compact high-output LED flashlights in the market, the Beta-QR uses a quick release system that has a unique approach to solving my accessibility problem. Ever since the Beta QRv1, the flashlight has implemented their proprietary patent-pending quick release system for you to retrieve the unit efficiently when needed. In my own practice, I have attached the Beta-QR to an S-Biner so that I can transfer the device from one place to another easily. Personally, I prefer the version 2 quick release system as it is much more sturdy and I have never once encountered an instance where the unit released accidentally.

First picture: Beta-QR version 1 (bottom) and 2 (top)
Second Picture: Close up of the quick release mechanism, left (version 2) and right (version 1)

An unexpected feature that I loved about this device is its "limited" ON mode function. Unlike most flashlights that provide many different modes of operations, for example, ON (DIM), ON (Bright), ON (Strobe) and ON (SOS CODE), I would favour a simple flashlight with just ON and OFF function. I understand that there are practical uses for the various mode operations, but I feel that these added features are not necessary and will only hinder the ease of use on an EDC flashlight.

My Prometheus Beta-QR attached to a S-biner 

I am really pleased with the Prometheus Beta-QR as it has provided me with the convenience that most other products were not able to. Although it is a bit pricey at $59.00 USD, the metal chassis of the flashlight is definitely rugged enough to last through years of torture before it fails on you.