How to celebrate Chinese New Year in a technical way?

With the Chinese New Year (CNY) around the corner, many of us are preparing ourselves for this festive season. To reap the most out of this coming lunar new year, here are some recommendations for you to get yourself ready for CNY, the technical way.

Too lazy to decorate your house?

Like many of us who are in the event industry, the CNY period would have already started weeks before the actual festivity. With a magnitude of CNY related events to be involved in, how does one find the time to source and decorate your house to welcome the God of Fortune? Here’s an idea for you!

Instead of buying physical decorations, why not invest in a few state of the art projectors or TV panels? With these equipment in your arsenal, you are ready for any occasion, not just CNY alone. Mount / place these babies at desired location and simply project your decorations onto the wall. How savvy is that? You might even save some extra time in keeping the “decorations”, or it can be reused for other occasions when necessary!

Special thanks to Samantha Ngau

Feeling the needs to be the loudest with your festive greeting?

It’s a common tradition to exchange auspicious greetings when you visit your friends or relatives during CNY (e.g. 恭喜发财, gong xi fa cai). However, do you know that there’s an “urban myth” where the value of the respective red packet received after every greeting will increase with respect to loudness? Here’s how to tackle this problem to get the maximum value!

Invest in a set of public announcement (PA) system and if you’re feeling rich why not buy one with a built-in battery? Hook the system up with a microphone and amplify away! To show more sincerity to your loved ones, you can always showcase your skills by coupling the vocal with some effects (e.g. a long delay of 200ms to get a dynamic greeting!). Good luck in pursuing the road to riches ☺.

Special Thanks to Samantha Ngau

Trying hard to impress others?

In Chinese culture, one of the most common ways to leave an impression on someone is to flaunt that you have a bright future waiting for you. A bright future refers to a possible future with many good prospects waiting. If you are having doubts about your capabilities, why not give them a literal bright future to experience?

To aid yourself with the convenience of setting up, prepare some blinding LED pars with built in battery. Utilise your friends and family to get them to set up and focus the light in a blinding manner for you. Pro tip, make sure you leave the centre spot empty so that you can stand in position for the most impact. Have a difficult in-laws to please? Why not pair this set up with some additional industrial fans placed behind you to blow them away literally?

Special Thanks to Samantha Ngau

I hope by now you would have realised that this is a special post for this festive season. The suggestions above are obviously written for a good laugh, so please take it with a pinch of salt. Here at YWFUProject wishing you a Happy Lunar New Year.