Hello everyone

One of my goals in 2016 is to create a website that would help me archive the past projects that I was involved in (e.g. music production projects) and hopefully share it with like-minded people who can appreciate them and at the same time, provide comments or criticism. I am also hoping that through this website, I will explore topics that are related to engineering, technology and the music that I loved.

I am based in Singapore and have been working in the technical production industry for quite a while. There are numerous perks in working in this industry, such as the opportunities to be exposed to new topics while working in conferences / exhibitions. Another example, which is also one that is often brought up by friends and family, is the access to free concerts or festivals! Despite all the examples mentioned above, there are also many “drawbacks” that would cause one to reconsider and sometimes leave the industry. I hope to cover this in one of the future post.

This website is still in the developing stage, hence, the structure of the website might sometimes change. Thank you for your time.